About this site

When I was talking with my uncle he strated to talk about this coding thing called HTML. After we went home, I want to my computer and found out what it was and what you could use it for. So, I started studying it and got really good at it. So i was secrhing online and found neocites and made this site to practice my skills So, really I just made this to practicce my HTML skills.

About me!

Since you visited mysite i thought that you deserved dto know a little bit about myself. Well, i'm a eleven year old boy who sopends a lot of there time on computers playing games,learning how those games work and, coding/programing things. As i think you can tell, i don't really like outside that mutch. But, I do play soccer i the spring and fall. (Got to get some exercise right?) Well, there are some things about my self.

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